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A Gift For You.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

   Those of us raised in urban communities are more than likely to have experienced at least one event that left a negative impression on us that would normally require professional counseling and therapy. Physical/verbal/sexual/drug abuses, bullying, peer pressure, shaming, poverty, racism and way too many other issues have left us traumatized in ways we don't seem to realize or are willing to admit to. Sadly, yet truthfully, these issues go unresolved in our lives for a lifetime and are usually the reason why we tend to suffer from one or more of what I call the Big 3: Stress-Anxiety-Depression.

  We often tend to live with regret, forever holding on to the thought of what our lives would've, should've, and could've been. Many of us try to mask our pains with food, drugs, alcohol and other substances. Some turn to groups/gangs or religious and fraternal organizations hoping to blend in with the many undetectable faces of hurt and shame. Hence, giving in to the selfish demands of greed, peer pressure, and bullying well into our adulthood, oftentimes not aware that our counterparts might be dealing with the Big 3 also.

  I would like to offer a simple, yet effective tool when dealing with the Big 3. When you are going through any issue that causes you to feel anxious, depressed or stressed, take a moment to just take in a few deep, slow breaths. Reflect on all things you love and are grateful for. Count your many, many blessings. In that moment, you might think that things can be better, however, they could be much worse. Remember, it is always someone who is less fortunate than you are. Stay in that grateful and thankful moment as often and as much as you can. All day, Every day! Know that anxiety is giving too much attention to the future, while depression is only giving too much attention to the past. Therefore we must be giving our undivided attention to the moment in which we live in. Be in the presence of THE PRESENT because it is indeed a great gift. Yesterday will not ever return, tomorrow does not ever happen, all we essentially have is TODAY...Yes. that's right, the HERE and the NOW.....and YOU should be here!

                                   Peace. N8 the Gr8 

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