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Co-Worker Of The Year.

When we talk to God, it’s usually by voice, thoughts, or prayers; or maybe a combination of all three. When God talks to us, its usually by intuition. Our intuition can be likened to a self-accusing spirit, or more simply put: something inside of us all that says “hey, you.....listen!” The problem for most is that we don’t pay much attention to that ‘voice.’ Sometimes, it’s that gut-wrenching feeling that I’m pretty sure we’ve all had at one time or another. We should all learn how to be more aware of our connectedness to our intuition and each other.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” [Matthew 7:12] is widely accepted as the ’golden rule.’ In other words, we must treat people (also animals, plants and all living creatures) the way we want to be treated. What you put out, you surely get back; you reap what you sow; what goes around, comes around...are all governed by the natural law of reciprocity.

The purpose of life is to become one with the Creator. Our seemingly minimal time that we are here to experience physical life (6-9 decades) is for us to evolve into a righteous being who will make the world better than it was before our birth. I believe we are here now in this time to push man towards the perfected being that the Creator intends for him to become....which is the greater good that all things happen for.

When someone asks you for a favor or assistance, however uncomfortable as it may seem at the time, you should always be willing to help, if you are able to. According to the golden rule, when you need help, you would want to be helped. When people come to you in need, they are simply acting out a prayer, and you are the living answer to that prayer (if you choose to be). God works in and through us. God works in us. God works through us. He answers all prayer. Therefore, when you help people and do good towards others, you are not only helping yourself by setting up reciprocity, you are helping God work through you. He is the boss, we are the workers. We are His co-workers, and I am trying to be the Bosses’ pet. I don’t know about you but I’m vying for the co-worker of the year award...or at least a nomination. 😉

Peace. N8 The Gr8

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