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Dollar bill...is probably the first thing that some of you thought of when reading the title to this particular blogpost...and the picture might've swayed you just a little, too ;-) However, money is not on my mind all the time...I'm lying. Let's just say it's on my mind more than it's not on my mind.

E pluribus unum is a statement printed on a one dollar bill. It is a Latin phrase translated as "out of many, one." My reason for naming my first post this is because I believe there will be many more posts to come. I will take this first post and create many branches from it, using it to gain inspiration for subsequent posts. They each will be beneficial in its own way, contributing to the whole body of work(s). My posts will touch on any and every subject that I feel can help raise the awareness of the community, no holds barred. I will offer positive energy behind every sentence that I write.

I do not claim to be a studied writer, poet, journalist, philosopher, etc. I just feel its time for me to offer my thoughts to a broader audience. I hope to use my writings as a way to uplift, inspire, and motivate myself and my people to become better than they were before it was written/read.

I humbly welcome all input, criticism, and feedback from my intelligent viewing audience. I also equally welcome donations of time and/or (clears throat) money. which brings us back to square one: Dollar bill..."not one, many"....I'm lying. ;-)

Peace. N8 The Gr8

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